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Windows Xp SP3 Revolution v3 BETA (32-BIT)

Windows Xp SP3 Revolution v3 BETA (32-BIT) | 526 MB

I don’t know if anyone remembers my XP editions called Revolution but I took a little break for a while cause I lost complete interest in updating my edition to be compatible with SP3, so many of my custom programs were incompatible, MCE edition was playing up and I was in the middle of creating a multi-boot DVD edition before SP3 came out, in the end I couldn’t be bothered.

But Since I left my job and broken my World of Warcraft addition I have had lots of time and thought I would start my Revolution edition again.

Since I deleted everything i have had to start from scratch again mostly so this version im calling a beta but to be honest it is near complete and I think its just a couple of windows updates and a few programs to be auto installed.

As i always say these editions of windows are for my own personal use and the programs that are installed reflect that, I don’t do as much video/audio/web development stuff any more so there is a lot less that will be included in this edition and future editions.

My main goals for Revolution are:

1: Be compatible and not to break any programs from working.
2: Be stable
3: Be quick and responsive
4: Less junk in the trunk.

I think I have achieved my goals but I will need your feedback to be sure as I do a lot of maintenance and reinstalls on my friends and family’s pc (yes you guys are my guinea pigs XD).

This Revolution Disk will install Windows XP Professional SP3 along with IE8, WMP11 and also Klite codec pack (Standard), It also includes Kels Run-times addon pack v5.4. Among those are also themes, icons, pointers, wallpapers and sounds to make it look and feel like Vista/Windows 7, these have all been repacked by myself, there is also an icon update program so when you update windows and icons are replaced with the defaults you can always get the vista icons back.

On the disk is a folder called software, I have included nero micro 8 (just click the bat file it will silently install) and allso 7zip is included along with jave, flash and doxnet 3.5), on the start menu is a program called filehippo that will help keep all installed programs upto date but it does require dot net to be installed.

I use a key that has been black listed so you wont be able to update windows from the website and the annoying wga tray thing will pop-up, to combat that I have included RemoveWGA.exe which is located on the cd in the software\misc folder (I haven’t tested it but I downloaded from, I haven’t had time to find a new hack or patch around this wga thing so if you know of one that is easy to include then message me. My own way of dealing with it is to deny everyone read write access to wgatray.exe and wgalogon.dll and then just let auto update do its job.


Once the installation has finished it does take a minute or two for windows to apply settings at first login, At welcome screen hold down ctrl+alt then press DEL x 2.

Username: Administrator
Password: Qwerty1

This install disk can’t be used to upgrade, you must do a clean install.

It will default to English UK, but you can change once it has been installed.


Total Download:


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