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WINDOWS 7 BUILD 7264 X64 EN/RU (by vasill) Lite

WINDOWS 7 BUILD 7264 X64 EN/RU (by vasill) Lite

Title: WINDOWS 7 BUILD 7264 X64 EN / RU (by vasill) Lite
Category: Operating Systems
Developer: Microsoft / Vasill
Year: 2009
File size: 2.29 GB

About the program: 7264×64 integrated with the Russian. Russian mother tongue, with the LP 7264. Installation on any of the languages of English / Russian. Recovering in Russian. Regardless of what language it was originally installed and then you can change. All the work I do with WAIK

System requirements:
-CPU: 1.5 GHz 32-bit
-VIDEO: with support for DirectX 9 and 128 MB of memory (for the theme Aero)
-RAM: 512 MB or more
-HDD: ~ 40 GB (6 GB Space)

-The key is not requested and it is not necessary to introduce the key is already in vshit image
-There is no problem with the activation and ???????, just click to activate and ALL
Off-Account Control (UAC), done in order not to fly activation
-Removed the inscription at the bottom right of the test mode.
-Start menu is already done, as in the English version.
-After the installation of additional topics are available 3, Russia, Ukraine, Cities
Russia-Themes and official from Microsoft
-The theme of Ukraine had to do most (not officially exist)

The amount occupied at the screw clean OS 5.61 gig (clean OS which means immediately after installation without hiberfil.sys and pagefile.sys) image size 2.29 gig

Removed from the image:
-All other wording besides Ultimate removed
-Languages: Japanese Korean Chinese,
-Samples of video and audio files, sample images
-Natural language and speech recognition (still in the Russian version will not work)
-More than anything untouched (all drivers, flatbed mode, background and so maintained)


Total Download:


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