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Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP3 Custom w/ Selectable Softwares

Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP3 Custom w/ Selectable Softwares | 1.3 GB

The goal was to create a convenient installation aimed for home entertainment usage by including essential updated components and useful applications so the user don’t have to spend too much time setting up XP after it is installed. This custom XP come with an installer I made to allow choosing from a collection of mostly softwares to be installed automatically without interaction involved. Although the included softwares are geared toward open source and Linux so likely only users who are familiar with them will be familiar or prefer these softwares. This XP should be installed as a ‘fresh installation’ by booting up the disc when computer turns on, you do not have to manually enter the product key. Like the up coming Windows 7’s Europe version, this XP does not come integrated with IE8 and WMP11, instead you can choose to install them from my included installer.


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