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Micro Windows XP – USB only

Micro Windows XP – USB only | English | USB Flash Edition 2009 | 37 MB

The most smallest image Windows XP for USB-Flash. Indispensable when you need to get data from your PC with the failed operating system.
Install to USB-Flash by means of GHOST32 (inside archive). USB-Flash enough all only 64 Mb !!! Also, after loading the OS from USB-Flash, you can install and run the necessary programs.
Installed programs will be on the same USB-Flash, from which you booted.

Also contains next programs:
-Paragon Hard Disk Manager
-Drive Snapshot
-Password Renew

1. Run program Ghost
2. ghost Local->Disk->From image select this image , continue to choose the drive, next “OK” reboot PC, ?????? ? ????? ???????? ? USB. Done!

Compatibility Vista: yes
System Requirements: 300 Mhz, 64 Mb, hard drive is not required, USB port
Language: only English
Keygen or crack: Not required
Size: 37 MB


Total Download:


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