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Portable 3D Bungalow Aquarium Screensaver 1.1

Portable 3D Bungalow Aquarium Screensaver 1.1| 6.99 Mb

“Beautiful large aquarium fits in perfectly in this serene environment.”
BSEditor: When you take a minute to get some rest your desktop will teleport you to a quiet bungalow far away on a desert tropical island. A cozy room with a hammock, the wind playing with the canopy door, a window overlooking the enchanting SUNSET over the ocean, a comfy arm-chair and a chilled drink. What else can one ask for? The beautiful large aquarium fits in perfectly in this serene environment. ?Absolutely unparalleled beauty! Complete with full stereo music, this screensaver is definitely the best for anyone looking to calm their nerves after or during a hard day at work.

Full 3D environment
Various viewing modes
Photo-realistic colorful graphics
Wide variety of serene tropical island scenes
Extremely natural fish in the aquarium
Relaxing music
Digital Clock
FPS counter
Get teleported to a quiet bungalow on a desert tropical island!



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