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[PC Game] NBA 2K9 Roster patch+Shoes patch [Mediafire]


NBA 2K9 Roster patch+Shoes patch. Mediafire.

The Realistic Roster 8.5 is a stand-alone release. No need other versions.

Installation RR8.5:
Unzip file Nba Realistic Roster 8.5 by Albys in temp folder.
- Copy all files from “Players” folder to your Nba2K9 main folder, usually in C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\nba 2k9 (overwrite when ask).
- Now copy all files from “Roster and sliders” folder to folder C:\Documents and Settings\user\Applications Data\2K Sports\NBA 2K9\Saves (please activate the option “view hide file and folder in menu Folder options-view-advanced settings)
- If you have installed complete Shoes patch playoff by Xiaoju, you can copy the 3 files from Shoes patch playoffs folder in my pack to you nba2k9 main folder and overwrite (3 files are new Pietrus shoes and 1 fix for Aldridge).
- Start the texmod and load the .tpf files from “Use these file with texmod” folder if you want missing player portraits, red rim for all court and new portraits for a lot of players (maked by Spaky!).
- Start the game normally or with texmod.
- Go to menu Load/save and load all three files: Realistic Roster 85, RR8 Settings and 1 of two RR8 sliders (all star for all star level, superstar for superstar level. Remember: no play with Hall of fame level because the cpu cheat).
- Load these 3 files every time you start the game or at least before starting association mode.
- Now play single game, or start new season or new association.

Installation shoes patch: Extract then copy all files to the NBA 2K9 Directory.


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