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[PC Game] Farm Mania 1.0

Use modern technologies and your own know-hows to make a farm of a dream. Plunge yourself in fresh air and nature calm! You are also torn between feeding the animals or supplying the manufacturing buildings with raw material.

As with most farming games,you will have to plant crops, tend to your livestock and sell all the produce off for profit. Your objectives for each day are summarized during the start of each level and are outlined for you on the bottom of the screen during the actual game. You have to complete all the objectives before the timer runs out, because if you manage to beat the level within 75% of the time, you’ll earn bonus money for all your efforts.

Great balanced game.It has a hide and seek bonus games as well. It can get pretty frantic at times, but to me its the challenge that made me love it!



MD5: 9F37E102C5077B58399599C58DCA957C


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