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Windows Ice XP v4.1 Elite CD

Windows Ice XP v4.1 Elite CD | 698 Mb

Based on OS: Windows XP Professional OEM
Service Pack: 3
Version: 07/01/2001 5.1.2600.5512
Ice Version: 4.1 Elite
ISO: 698 Mb
Release date: 16/11/08

Service Pack 3 Hotfix more up to November 2008
Internet Explorer 7
Windows Media Player 11
.NET Framework 2.0
DirectX 9c Novembre 2008
Kel’s CPL Bonus Pack 9.1
UWP Utilities Pack**
Post-Install with Tweaks

**: Coded By Surfer…exclusive Windows Ice XP softwares…Thank’s Man


This is the last release Ice exit
As the multi involves the impossibility of not being able to burn the iso on this CD is enclosed in an iso from 700 mb in order to remedy this problem ..
The core has been completely “rebuilt” since the v4 had major problems “background” (caused by an iso win xp sp3 “corrupt”)
Have been improved many aspects of the system by adding new tweaks that, although in a way imperceptible, improve performance and stability.
Those tweaks of the post-install (only optimizes connection “and” optimizes NTFS “) have been completely updated, with the addition of a new tweaks called” Optimize Paging File. ”
Significantly increases performance in games but it is essential to have a dedicated video card and at least 512 mb of ram. If you install without these requirements, the system is unstable and may cause crashes and blue screens.
In the post-install there is no additional software

This is the interface autorun which will be performed the functions you see on buttons

From the autorun can be updated through the installation but, if it hangs there or errors of any kind, you can not run and you have to force format. Avoid unnecessary questions because, unfortunately, is so and there can be nothing.
To activate windows of the same is true of v4. If you have a serial original you can use editing Winnt.sif in the i386 folder of the iso (UltraISO used to edit). If you do not have a license to use the original WPA Kill executing directly from the autorun folder or from! Crack! CD. I urge also here to avoid unnecessary questions because there is little to explain … easier than that.


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