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The Incredible Hulk 2008 RIP PC Game | 235 MB

The Incredible Hulk 2008 RIP
PC Game | 235 MB

“ Info:
It is huge, it is green, it is a powerful and dangerous. This is not the monster of whom is a nightmare. It is - incredible Hulk! The famous maypole did not have good manners, but it has a truly heroic strength and good temper. It is to destroy the wall, knock the door, but only in order to overcome dangerous villains, and come to the aid of respectable people. In the normal life of scientist Bruce Banner inconspicuous, but the display is a new enemy, as he turns into a green giant, ready to put the lives of just cause. In The Incredible Hulk, you can feel the whole force and power of the famous Hulk!

The game was closely linked with a new film about the adventures verzily. The events not only coincided with the blockbuster story, but also expand it. In the battle erupted, along with the Hulk and other heroes involved of a rich komiksovoy universe. Clouds again gathering over the heads of ordinary citizens, insidious enemies are preparing an attempt on their lives and freedom. Only the People in power to stop the catastrophe, but this battle will not be easy.
Get ready for an exciting battle with giant rivals in the heart of metropolis, among skyscrapers and cars. Protect the innocent people!

- Total destruction. People are not enemies of the ceremony, and applies to struggle all means. In progress is a helper «equipment» - a piece of a wall, lamppost or the car parked nearby. Huge kulachischi hero turned into crumbs bricks and concrete - none of this building did not stand the pressure! Destroying the building, you open a new path.
- Bsesilnaya rage. In the anger lies unprecedented strength. Worth Hulk angry as unique techniques become available. What stands alone invulnerability to enemy strikes! And earn points to open the additional capacity.
- The size, decent blockbuster. Arena for the battles are not only the streets, but skyscrapers of New York. Jump at each other, Hulk and his enemies are fighting a life and death only in centimeters of the abyss.
- Huge world. We offer a Manhattan. Explore the city, to perform various tasks and participate in mini-games.
Amazing story. Fantasy scenario, which successfully combines the events of the movie and comics stories, will not give you time away from the screen. ”



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