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Secure Erase Your Computer History

In this step by step guide you will learn about: Deleting cache, cookies, all history from your browser under a limited account. Manually means without the use of programs or softwares

Step by Step:

1. To begin with you have to get to search utility in windows I will mention a couple of ways you can do this because sometimes under a limited account they block it or remove the shortcut so you can't get to it.

* A. Click start - > click where it says search
* B. Open up internet explorer -> look up where it says view -> explorer bar -> search
* C. Or just simply press Ctrl + E while in you browser

2. Now that your in search click all files and documents

* at the bottom it says more advanced options click on that
* Then check the line that says Search hidden folders and files

3. Now type history, click search.

4. When you get the results it should be a couple but the one you need should say history and at the side of it the location should be something like

C:\Documents and Settings\your user name\Local Settings

5. Now right click the result and the click Open Containing Folder

6. The rest is pretty simple you just need to open up the four different folders you will find there

* Open "Apps Folder" delete everything on it
* Open "Temp Folder" delete everything on it
* Open "History Folder" delete everything on it
* Open "Temporary Internet Files Folder" delete everything on it

7. Your finish nobody will ever know you were even online


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